It should be so simple, but it's not. Both Netscape and Internet explorer exists in a variety of versions, and you can also find a lot of other browser vendors as well. And even if you have a browser that should be OK, altering the default settings might ruin your chance of seeing what you should have seen.

Graphics test
These 2 lines are identical

These 2 lines should be completely identical. The first line is a text line, made by your browser. The second line is an image, which should appear exactly like the line above - nomatter the browser. If not, either the default font settings have been altered in your browser, or you might be using anything but the standard windows theme.

If you're using anything but the normal windows theme, because you want to enlargen all the letters, change your resolution instead. These are the resolutions you should use:

Monitor size (inches) Recommended resolution
14" 800 x 600
15" 800 x 600
17" 1024 x 768
19" 1152 x 864
21" 1600 x 1200

Browser feedback
Since not all browsers are alike, they will allow the webmaster to get some details from you, regarding what browser version etc. you're using. These are the informations that your browser is telling us. If any of the following informations are incorrect, you might want to either upgrade your browser - or change to a completely different browser vendor.