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...there are literally thousands of sites relevant to the market researcher. It is the goal of this page to search them out for you and organize them in a form of maximum usefulness for the practicing marketer or market researcher. In order to accommodate the many hundreds of links, these have been broadly categorized into four folders: Research, Business, General and Personal.

Clickless surfing is frustrating to go to a page with hundreds of "useful" links, and then have to click on link after link in order to find what you want. On this page, when you move your mouse over a link, a brief description shows up in the gray box. This should help you minimize the amount of blind alleys you have to chase down.

...often the information you seek may be several layers deep in a site. In some cases we can speed you to the information you seek by allowing you to search the content of another site directly from here. Our "search" function (always showing) allows you ready access to a wide variety of frequently needed reference material. Simply click on the drop down menu for search to select the source you wish to search.

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