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Packages are Sales Tools, They are Your Billboards at the Point of Sale

Before entering the market with a new package (design, copy or art), consider a point of sale evaluation. Research has shown that evaluation in the "real world" will yield different results than a study conducted in a simulated environment.

Your products are going to be sold in real stores, and it is our contention that it is important to know how the Brand is perceived at the "Point of Purchase," rather than at another location such as the back room of a mall or in a research agency's facility, especially when we know the location affects the Consumer's perception.

We recommend a Point of Sale Research to determine the Consumer's perception of: Quality, Value, Appearance, Purchase Probability, etc.

In most cases Point of Sale Research is more economical to conduct than other types of research. Point of Sale Research yields high traffic, low refusal rates, while panelists and facility costs are almost nonexistent.