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Herb Sorensen Parlin Award 2013
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Shopper 2.0 Webinar

October 28, 2019
Herb Sorensen, PhD, Shopper Scientist LLC
2013 Charles Coolidge Parlin Award | American Marketing Association
2007 EXPLOR Award; with Wharton group | American Marketing Association
2004 Top 50 Innovators | Fast Company Magazine
Adjunct Senior Research Fellow | Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science,
      University of South Australia

Scientific Advisor | Kantar Retail
BrainTrust Member | RetailWire
Chief Scientist and Partner | Accelerated Merchandising LLC

Accelerated Merchandising

James Sorensen and the Kantar Retail team have recently completed a global shopper/retail study, focusing on winning the "clicks" AND "bricks" retail battle of the future - The Omnicommerce Battle!

See below information about a complimentary Shopper 2.0 webinar. Sign up and enjoy!

Your friend,
Herb Sorensen, PhD, Shopper Scientist LLC


eCommerce is growing faster than other channels, but online sales remain relatively low. Only 6% of CPG and 22% of non-CPG sales occur online. With an unlimited digital shelf, 24/7 availability and same/next day free delivery, why isn't online sales bigger? The answer: Brands and retailers are too focused on the retailer and technology and not focused enough on the shopper.

In the era of Shopper 1.0, brands and retailers too often ignored the shopper and instead focused on each other. Retailers focused on maximizing trade spend from the brands, ceding much of the in-store customer experience to their brand partners. Brands focused on convincing retailers to allow them to implement tactics and strategies that would benefit their brands over competitors. Neither focused enough on the needs of the shopper: getting the shopper what they want, when they want it.

This was a very costly mistake. Retailers have suffered as pure-play eCommerce retail has captured billions of dollars from traditional retailers. Hundreds of retailers have gone out of business, and thousands of stores have closed or been downsized. Brands have also paid dearly, as smaller, more nimble, niche players exploited the new commerce models to eat away at their market dominance. Brands have also had to invest billions to rebuild their go-to-market models to address the new omni-commerce retail reality.

Much of this pain could have been avoided or handled more efficiently if brands and retailers had focused more on the needs of the shopper.

The shopper is re-emerging as a key leverage point for brands and retailers to grow their business. Join James Sorensen of Kantar next month to better understand how you can adopt Shopper 2.0 principles to win shoppers in an omnicommerce world. Register for a free webinar hosted by CMA at:


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