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Business Tools - For Everyday Use

Business Tools is a large category.  I would like to focus on three:  Mission Statements, Business Plans and Operational Procedures.  Some may argue that these are concepts and not tools.  Regardless, I want to focus on these three.

I believe that all three are extremely important in the success of any business/organization.  If these three tools are so important in the success of a company, why is there not a broader use in the concept of the three tools?  That is, why is there not a broader use?  Why do we not use the principles of these three tools in more areas of our personal lives where success is needed?  Consider the possibilities for use in various associations such as fraternal, political or charitable.  Would the principles not apply to fund raising activities?  Or better yet, would they not apply to our personal lives in areas such as professional, religious, family or more focused, into our marriages?  I think many of us do utilize some parts of the three tools in some areas of our lives, especially in the area of associations.  Almost all associations have a Mission Statement, but I have not seen any with a Business Plan or a day-to-day Operational Procedures Plan.  But today I want to move down further in the potential area category to the personal areas, professional religious, family and marriage.  In our lives, what is more personally important than these four areas?  [Note:  For some of my younger readers, substitute the word "education" for the word "marriage."]

I generally look at the Mission Statement and the Business Plan as the Mental/Visual perspective of the business while the Operational Procedures are the Action Steps of the business.  If considering just our Personal Professional side of the business, we would approach it as follows:

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