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Playing Golf and Living Life

December 28, 2005 - by Robert E. Stevens, GENESIS II(The Second Beginning) E-Mail:

How are playing golf and living life similar? They are not.

In life there is no such thing as a Mulligan. You can't go back and do it over.

When you play the third hole in golf, you know you will get the opportunity to play it again tomorrow. In life, you only walk the path once.

In golf you can move your ball if it is in the rough. In life, you play it where it lands.

In golf you can see your hazards but not in life.

In golf you can carry all the tools you will need in one bag. In life you need so much more such as a home, workplace, library and much more.

In golf there is always someone available to carry your bag, in life you carry your own baggage.

But in golf and life there is one similarity, in both you must pay your dues.

OK, Life and Golf are not the same, so what?

In golf there is little opportunity for planning only practice, while in life there is no practice time but a lot of planning time.

To excel in golf, practice. To excel in Life, plan.

Every person should have their own Personal Mission Statement. Not just one Mission Statement but a Mission Statement for their Business life, a Mission Statement for their Family Life and a Mission Statement for their Religious Life.

Every person should have a Business Plan. Again not just one plan, but a Business Plan for their different phases of Life, such as Business, Family and Religious.

As I have been told, "In Life you have two choices: You can plan your Life or you can let someone else do the planning for you. But keep in mind that they might not have your welfare at heart."

"You cannot go back and start a New Beginning but you can start today to create a New Ending."

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