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What I learned At Work

I Learned that if I wanted to succeed in business I needed to be concerned with the following.

a. how much effort I put into my work each day
b. the quality of my work
c. dedicating efforts to improve how I did my job
d. finding ways to improve what I did and not just how I did it
e. finding ways to make myself more valuable to my employer (talents & knowledge)
f. letting my employer know that I wanted to be more involved (more responsibility)
g. being a good neighbor to my fellow workers.

Unfortunately I did not learn these traits when I was gainfully employed. It was only after I retired that I started to understand the real concept of "investment vs. Return."

Life is like a coin,
you can spend it in any way you wish but you can only spend it once.

As I read through the individual points listed above, I was reminded about a talk I gave three times in 1966. The talk was about "Customer Satisfaction Research in Your Everyday Life." I outlined the steps a manufacturer would use in Customer Satisfaction Research. Then taking those steps, I asked how we might modify the research for use in enhancing the relationship with our most important customers. That is, improving our relationship with our spouse and our children. After all, who are our most important customers?

Along that same line, I recently gave a talk at an American Cancer Society meeting. The talk outlined the individual operating procedures of Highly Effective Companies. These procedures were then matched with each person's daily work habits. In other words, we viewed each person as a company and related the operating procedures to the person's daily work habits.

I find it to fun, interesting and beneficial to take things that work in one area and modify them for use in totally unrelated areas. The three approaches can be used in improving relationships in the work place and in the home. The three approaches outline identification of the need, an action plan and a process. Or three levels of a Personal Business Plan.

Maybe my reader friends who are ministers, priests, nuns, deacon, and brothers may want to give some thought to using this approach in helping others improve their relationship with God. It is just a thought. What do you think?

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