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Is Research Really Necessary?

Recently I received an e-mail that asked for help.  The requester needed help in convincing her management that there was a need for market research.  It makes you wonder what type of company would ever not consider research as important?  I have met some managers that felt they could do their own research better than anyone else but never one that thought research was unnecessary.  I'm not opposed to the use of personal judgment, knowledge and experience in decision making.  However, I believe that decision making needs a strong dose of multiple perspectives.

Could I give reasons why research (consumer and marketing) are necessary?  I think I can.  Ask yourself the following questions:

Without Research . . .

  • How do we determine what tests should be conducted in the lab?  (Criteria of Judgment)
  • How do we determine the variables and levels for laboratory testing?  (Consumer Habits & Practices)
  • How do you determine new market opportunities? (Needs, Wants, Problems & Technology)
  • How do you do your market analysis?  (The who, what and size of the market)
  • How do you determine the best positioning and visioning of the brand?  (Concept Development and Evaluation)
  • How do you determine the most effective product design/formulation?  (Product Development and Evaluation)
  • How do you determine the most effective packaging? (Functionality, Appeal and Communication)
  • How do you determine the Brand's configuration?  (Bundling of Product [formulation, aesthetics, form, etc.],

  •                                                                                 Packaging, Positioning, Promise, Promotion and Price)
  • How do you evaluate the Proof of Claims?  (Delivery on the Promise)
  • How do you determine the most effective price structure?  (Acceptance & Profitability)
  • How do you determine the most effective advertising model?  (Content & Communication Vehicle)
  • How do you determine if your new Brand is ready for the market?  (Dress Rehearsal)
  • After it is in the market, how do you determine if it meets objectives and if it or its positioning could be improved?
  • The above are just a few of the questions that require answers.  Yes, I believe research is necessary.  Are there any of the above areas that you do not think requires research in the development and maintenance of a brand?

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