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Blind Test, Concept & Use, or Brand Identified?

All three methods should be in your tool box.  However, I have been surprised at how many companies do not include the Brand Identified protocol in their stage-gate, toll-gate, product launch model, or whatever they call their planned research steps in the development of an idea to market.  You would think that it is obvious that Brand Identified testing is always present in a research program.  After all, we don't sell products, we sell brands.  Our research should at least include a dress rehearsal for market introduction, that is a Brand  Identified Study with our new brand in full market packaging complete with positioning.

I have also encountered companies that do not believe in concept & use research.  Their position is usually that they do not want to bias the judgment of the participants by telling them things about the product.  Again, this seems unrealistic to me.  Can you imagine developing a new automatic dishwasher detergent that is designed to remove baked on foods and not telling the users?  If you only told them to use the product as they would normally use an automatic dishwasher detergent, they would never see the market advantage of the new product.  Like most automatic dishwasher detergent users, they would almost completely wash the utensils before placing them in the dishwasher, therefore, never giving the user the chance to appreciate the benefit.

To adequately assess the potential of a brand, the user must know the product's reason for existence so that they can assess how well the product lives up to the promises.


This past year, 2002, was again again a successful year for the Genesis II Foundation.  Through your generosity, we were able to complete a number of projects:

  1. Robotics Lab - We purchased the equipment for a Public High School Robotics Lab.  This was a new class for the school.
  2. Scholarships - We gave scholarships to two families.  They were awarded to families that needed financial help but also personally donated a considerable amount of time to the school.
  3. Mary Queen of Heaven Building Program - Two substantial checks were sent to the Fund by our supporters.
  4. Mary Rose House - A check was sent to this Hospice that serves terminally ill who have no insurance.  The House is run by 81 volunteers.  There are no paid employees.  Totally funded through donations.
  5. Kau'i Dancers - We purchased the costumes for a Youth Cultural Dance Group on the Island of Kau'i.  It's a long story.
  6. Hopkinsville School Library - We made a substantial donation to the school for the purchase of books for their library expansion.
The above constitutes the major donations.  There were other smaller donations to organizations around the world, mostly Church Organizations.  All income collected by Genesis II goes to charities.  Sorensen Associates, the sponsor of the Views, has been the largest contributor to the Fund over the years.

Thanks again for your help and support.

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